Entering the Golden Age, and How We Can Help!

According to Yahoo! Finance, nearly ten thousand Americans retire daily and they foresee that number climbing to twelve thousand over the next thirty years.  For many of us getting to retirement age is a long-awaited time in our lives where we can kick back, relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor throughout life.  Many people look forward to their retirement because they can use that time to do things in life they might not have been able to while working.  Traveling the world, spending more time with loved ones, finding a new hobby or in some cases starting a whole new career!  With that being said, people want to find ways to maximize the time they have.

Entering the Golden Age, and How We Can Help!

Sometimes that means finding a new home that is smaller, with less maintenance and that fits their lifestyle better.  Perhaps your children are grown up and you don’t need as many bedrooms.  Maybe you had an in-home office that you want to utilize in a different way.  You might need a home that has features that will help you with some of the physical and medical challenges that have changed in your life.  There are many things to consider when making a decision about where and how you live in your retirement years.

Yingst Engineers & Associates, Inc. have some helpful tips, as well as a trusted business that might be able to assist you in some of your decision making moving forward.

  1. Find out what you need from your home.  Sometimes, changes in your life require you to rethink your living arrangements.  Whether it means downsizing your home to something smaller and more manageable, or taking your existing home and making it fit to your lifestyle and needs as a retiree.  Plan ahead and don’t be afraid to ask for help from loved ones or professionals when making this transition.
  2. If you haven’t started already, make sure to do routine checks and perform preventative maintenance on your home.  Whether it is checking your roof for any issues to assessing your plumbing, ensuring that your house is in order can save you from an unexpected expense that might leave you in a financial bind.
  3. Determine if you need assistance you didn’t know you needed before.  As we get older, we might not be aware of some of the changes in our lives that we need to prepare for.  Hearing loss affects nearly twenty five percent of people aged 65 to 75 according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.  Seeking the assistance of a good hearing doctor should be one of the first things you do should you believe hearing loss is affecting you.  That’s where an audiologist at a trusted business like Resonance Audiology and Hearing Aid Center can help.

Resonance Audiology and Hearing Aid Center can help with a multitude of things concerning hearing loss.  With the help of an audiologists, you can determine the level of hearing loss you might have and diagnose the type of hearing loss you may be experiencing.  This can then help you decide if you need a specific type of therapy or hearing aid to combat hearing loss and get back to enjoying your day to day life.  Hearing aids have come a long way and so have the different types of aids that assist with different types of hearing loss.  With the assistance of a hearing doctor, this process can be much less jarring than one would expect.  The trusted professionals at Resonance Audiology and Hearing Aid Center will help you with finding a solution that will help you with your hearing loss and stay within the confines of the budget you’ve set for yourself.

Transitioning with the changes that come later in life can be unfamiliar territory for some. Whether it is dealing with making sure you have a home that fits your necessities and lifestyle or dealing with some of the difficulties of hearing loss, Yingst Engineers and our trusted referrals like Resonance Audiology and Hearing Aid Center will be there for you when you need them. Yingst Engineers & Associates, Inc. is committed to helping you decide what is best for you in your life. With services ranging from commercial and structural inspections to help with engineering and architectural design, our professional staff will support your efforts to reach your goals.