Everything You Need To Know About Our Forensic Service

Our company is comprised of a great team of people who are experts in their field.  We have been a family owned business for over thirty years and have been proud to serve our clients and the community in a variety of ways.  Many structural engineering companies like ours offer your typical services, such as home inspections, commercial inspections and design services.  At Yingst Engineers & Associates Inc., we set ourselves apart by also offering a range of forensic services.  Serving Lancaster, PA and the surrounding areas, our organization can assist with many types of forensic needs.  We’d like to take this opportunity to go over the services that we offer and give you a bit of insight as to what they are.

Everything You Need To Know About Our Forensic Service

Litigation Support & Expert Witness Testimony

Many times in court cases, the testimony of an expert in a particular field will be used to provide information to the court on specifics in that field.  Our team has experienced and knowledgeable experts that are objective and can use the facts in any case to convey their point.

Some of the litigation support services that we can assist with are:

  • Forensic investigations involving the failure analysis of structures or products.
  • Disclosure disputes when properties are sold and purchased.
  • Construction quality disputes.
  • Damage analysis suitable for litigation and dispute resolution.

Forensic Engineering

Yingst Engineers & Associates has been used by thousands of clients to conduct investigations when building related deficiencies or system failures take place.  Forensic engineering is utilized when a person or company needs to determine what happens when materials, products, structures or components that fail cause damage to property or result in personal injury.  We would take the time to conduct an investigation to find the root cause or causes of why an accident took place.  Our findings can then be used in court in conjunction with our testimony to assist in a case.  Everything from structural evaluations to plumbing and electrical system analysis is within the scope of our work.

Insurance Investigations

Our insurance investigation services have been used by insurance companies, as well as contractors, homeowners and attorneys to help formulate a plan of action and guide decision making when tragedy hits.  The experience our team brings to the table will help with more than just determining the cause of a failure.  We also will offer up testimony in court, arrange for estimates to be made, devise a solution for the problem that is cost effective as well as manage any repairs that are needed.  We will also produce documents that will report our discoveries and support our view on why a failure took place.

Yingst Engineers & Associates has a long standing and fine reputation to uphold.  The work we do in the area of forensics is both thorough and held to a high standard.  We understand that unfortunate circumstances come up that require experts like us to assist in many ways.  That is why we are dedicated to doing our best work every time we are called upon.  We want to be the only name you think of when you are in need of a company that deals in forensic work.

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