Did You Know May is Building Safety Month?

At Yingst Engineers & Associates, Inc., we are passionate about what we do and proud of our team of professionals who are well informed on technical matters, current with industry standards, and provide common sense solutions to complex problems.

 This month, we are celebrating Building Safety Month (BSM) and helping promote public awareness to help individuals, families and businesses understand what it takes to create safe and sustainable structures. 

BSM was founded by the International Code Council (ICC), an association dedicated to developing model codes and standards used in the design, build and compliance process to create safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures.  Did You Know May is Building Safety Month?

The BSM campaign reminds and emphasizes how important it is to adopt modern, model building codes, have a strong and efficient system of code enforcement and a well-trained, professional workforce to maintain the system.

The campaign is presented by the ICC and its 63,000 worldwide members during the month of May, supported by corporations, professional associations, government agencies, nonprofits and more, who understand the need for safe and sustainable structures where we live, work, learn, worship and play.

For the last 37 years, the worldwide Members of the ICC have celebrated the Building Safety Month and all advances in building safety, sustainability, affordability and resiliency in structures and homes, and at Yingst Engineers & Associates we do our part in the awareness campaign.

A family-owned engineering/architectural consulting and residential and commercial inspection company, Yingst Engineers & Associates, Inc. has been providing expert engineering analysis for residential and commercial buildings, pre-purchase/home inspections, and design services for over 25 years. All of our projects are supervised by licensed, Professional Engineers (P.E.) or Registered Architects (RA), each knowledgeable and required to uphold the safety and welfare of the community.

Join us in celebrating the Building Safety Month and all aspects of building safety that helps families, employers and leaders understand and appreciate the best practices that keep the residential and commercial places safe.

Did You Know May is Building Safety Month?

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