Make Your First Home Your Ideal Home

Buying a home is a big deal. Whether it is moving out on your own after living with your parents, or moving into a house from an apartment, owning your own space is a big milestone in one’s life. But the journey to find the perfect home for you and your family is not always an easy one. It can bring disappointment, stress and compromises into your life. The style of the homes you are looking at might not match your own and the price might not line up with what you planned.

Make Your First Home Your Ideal Home

In the end, you may find yourself in a position where you are settling on something that does not fit all of your dreams. But that is where Yingst Engineers can come into your life and help bring the home of your dreams to life. From a Forever Estate to a Tiny Home, we can make sure that the place where you raise your family or lay your head at night is truly home.

What items are a must have in your home?

  • Open floor plan
  • Energy efficiency
  • Room to grow
  • Entertainment space
  • Large kitchen

Whatever is on your list, with the expertise of the Yingst Engineers and their knowledge of new builds and existing homes renovations, you can transform your fixer upper into a place that you love!

For new builds, Yingst Engineers can help assist in site and budget management, while with existing home renovations, an evaluation of the home is needed with a list of desires. Yingst Engineers and their team of residential designers will be able to compile realistic modification options while staying in your desired budget.

What is the process like for renovating your home? After the initial evaluation, you will receive a schematic plan/3D model of options for modification and renovations. We utilize state-of-the-art BIM (Building Information Modeling) design software to allow our clients to experience their new dream home in 3-D before construction begins. This enables our clients to understand the end product and scope of the design. In addition, all of our structural and mechanical (HVAC, plumbing, electric) engineering, as well as site design (storm water management, erosion and sedimentation control, etc.) is done in-house, which results in a quick turnaround time.

Once construction plans are settled on, the fun can begin. Permitting/zoning takes place and when approved, construction can start. Yingst Engineers will provide complete construction documents and specifications in compliance with the IRC (International Residential Code) as well as building permit and zoning assistance as needed. We will also provide storm water management and erosion & sedimentation plans as required by the local municipality.

But at this stage, it is time to get excited! Your forever home will start taking shape.

Our building expertise allows us to offer in-process inspections as the building construction progresses, thereby ensuring that the project moves forward successfully and efficiently.

From the glimmer of an idea to a full home design, Yingst Engineers & Associates, Inc. has the design and engineering services you need to ensure the success of your project. Our professional staff believes in working directly with the homeowner and the builder to make your ideas, wants and needs come alive. From a complex two-story addition to a simple deck design or an elegant new home, we will customize our services to meet your needs. Our staff has the experience and expertise to help you create a relaxing and enjoyable place that you can call “home.”

Contact our office today to speak to one of our design professionals and make your dream home come true!