Winter Damage to Homes

Winter can be an absolutely magical time. The trees are gleaning with icy crystals, children are sledding and building snowmen and the whole world looks like it should belong in a snow globe. But while the snow looks beautiful and allows for skiing and snow tubing, it can wreak havoc on your home.

Winter Damage to Homes

Did you know  that light, fluffy snow weighs about 10-15 pounds per cubic foot? Heavy to wet snow can weigh up to 40-50 pounds per cubic foot.

If your roof appears to be sagging under the weight of the snow or ice, or you notice that your doors stick or pop open, or you hear cracking or popping noises, it might be time to contact a reputable roofing contractor immediately to rid your roof of the extra weight before the snow collapses your roof.

Winter Damage to Homes Did you know that an icicle may be part of a bigger scenario? Ice dams can form on roofs when snow melts too fast and refreezes.

To prevent ice dams, a little extra insulation can make a world of difference. Extra insulation in attic areas can help keep the warm air inside your home and helps eliminate the chance for snow on the roof to melt quickly and refreeze. Too much ice buildup on a roof can lead to an ice dam, which can leave behind major damage to your roof’s shingles, plus adds extra weight to the roof and gutters.

Did you know that according to, frozen pipes are one of the biggest risks of property damage when the temperature drops?

By keeping your home warm during freezing temperatures through extra insulation or by running your heating system, your water pipes have less of a chance to freeze. Another way to help limit the chance of freezing pipes is to allow the faucet to drip. While that solution will reflect in your water bill, it will help relieve pressure within the pipe, which in return will reduce the chances of the pipe bursting if they do freeze.

Did you know how potholes riddle the roadways after the winter season, winter weather can do the same on your home’s foundation?

Hairline cracks in the concrete of a foundation that develop naturally over time because of a home settling can expand during the winter months, causing major structural issues if they aren’t taken care of in a timely way. If you find yourself facing structural deficiencies in the foundation or framing of your residential or commercial property, it is best to work with a Professional Engineer to design a solution. Our licensed Professional Engineers at Yingst Engineers will design a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to suit your needs.

If you are concerned about the dangers your home faces during the winter months, your concerns will be evaluated, diagnosed and a report with recommendations will be provided as appropriate with any consultation done. You can rely upon Yingst Engineers & Associates, Inc. for peace of mind.

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