Commercial Property and Building Inspections

With over 25 years of experience in performing due diligence inspections for commercial buildings and properties, our engineers have evaluated many types of commercial facilities, including small shops, offices, high-rise, retail, mixed-use, healthcare, restaurants, storage buildings and shopping malls. Our work is guided by an initial understanding of our client’s needs, a custom proposal based on the appropriate work scope, a thorough on-site inspection, document review, and a final user-friendly report.

Our goal is to understand and meet clients’ needs by providing a report that addresses financial concerns and due diligence requirements, describes the building systems and components with regard to condition, and analyzes any concerns uncovered during the inspection process.

In providing a full Property Condition Assessment (PCA), we comply with ASTM standards. This is often appropriate to complete due diligence in a real estate transaction and complies with industry standards and many lender requirements. In many transactions, a complete ASTM-compliant report is not required or cost-effective. In those cases, a “Limited” PCA may be the best choice. Both reports include a thorough visual inspection of the buildings and components; however, the Limited PCA does not include as much research with respect to plan review, municipal file review, etc.

Our reports (full or limited PCA) are custom written and include a narrative description of the building systems and components.  An integral part of the PCA is the Replacement Reserve Table, which includes immediate repair costs and long-term (10 year) costs to assist the client in understanding the current building condition and in the development of appropriate budgets to offset future capital repair/replacement projects.

Investors, portfolio managers, lenders, major franchisors, and individual purchasers have taken advantage of our due diligence services.

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