Insurance Investigations

When disaster strikes, Yingst Engineers & Associates’ understanding of building systems is frequently utilized to investigate the cause and origin of a failure, determine an efficient cost-effective solution to the problem, prepare estimates and contract documents, oversee the repair, and/or provide court testimony. Because we provide an independent inspection and opinion as to the cause of the problem and what can be done about it, our services are requested by homeowners, contractors, insurance companies, and attorneys.

Typical investigations include:

  • Site and Structure– fire damage, sinkholes, subsidence, cracking, drainage problems, water penetration
  • Mechanical Systems– system failure, indoor air quality, energy costs
  • Electrical Systems– capacity, safety
  • Plumbing Systems– system failure, leaks
  • Accessibility– trip and fall

Our initial report documents our findings and will provide opinions as to the suspected cause. Additional investigation may be required, or a design repair may need to be produced.

Expert witness services are also available.


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