We Are A Proud Partner Of Keystone Human Services

We Are A Proud Partner Of Keystone Human Services

Keystone Human Services understands the fragility of life and is determined to Advance the Human Spirit of all people, regardless of ability. When Keystone was founded in 1972, they realized we had a choice. Either accept conditions the way they were, with people with disability living isolated, segregated lives in institutions, or accept responsibility for changing those conditions. Keystone Human Services has since built a community of change agents who are dedicated to creating a world where all people, regardless of ability, can grow, make choices, and be valued and contributing members of the community.

Here at Yingst Engineers, we have supported Keystone Human Services’ mission and are beyond happy to announce that we are now a strategic partner and member of Keystone Human Services’ Corporate Leadership Society.

The CEO of Keystone Human Services, Charles J. Hooker III, and the rest of the organization are excited to have Yingst as a Silver Circle member of their Corporate Leadership Society.

“Yingst Engineers’ partnership allows Keystone Human Services to support people with disabilities, as well as children and families, to pursue their goals, reach their full potential, and live full lives in the community,” said Hooker III. “Our partnerships are an investment in the future of the Keystone organization, as well as the individuals we serve. One act of generosity can make an extraordinary impact on our community.”

We Are A Proud Partner Of Keystone Human Services

Keystone Human Services provides support for its clients through Capital Area Head Start, Intellectual Disabilities Services, Mental Health Services, Early Prevention, Autism Services and service dogs through Susquehanna Service Dogs.

This is just a small way Yingst Engineers is helping those in the community. As a part of the Strategic Partner Program, Yingst invests in a world in which all people are welcome to participate in everything society has to offer.

Keystone Human Services is the largest Intellectual Disability service provider in the state of PA with locations in CT, DE, NJ, and Internationally in Eastern Europe and India.

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