Structural Inspections

The structure of any home is its backbone. Footings, foundation walls, floors, interior walls and roof framing, while not interesting to most, all form a part of that backbone. Any weak point in one of the components can lead to cracks, movement and other distress. The evaluation of those components is our expertise!

The best interior and exterior finishes can be disappointing if the structure is not sound. Even with a well-built structure, weathering, lack of maintenance, ground and subsurface water movement, aging and storm events can result in problems that appear in many forms. At other times, a minor crack or movement is observed, and you just want some peace of mind that a more severe condition is not occurring.

Our structural inspection service is designed around your needs. From an initial call to our helpful staff, we provide the specific inspection, analysis and report that will address your concerns.

Typical projects involve:

  • Foundation wall cracks, settlement or movement
  • Interior cracking and framing movement
  • Termite and insect damage
  • Undersized and damaged framing members
  • Sink holes and soil concerns
  • Roof failures
  • Wall movement from wind or other loading
  • Building collapse
  • Flood, fire or other water damage

If you suspect a structural concern with your home, contact one of our Professional Engineers to schedule an evaluation before a small problem becomes more serious.


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