Transition Studies

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When a common interest development moves from developer to board control, it is critical that the newly-formed board understand the condition of the community’s common area assets. This condition assessment can only be achieved through a detailed engineering investigation by a qualified expert. Yingst Engineers is the expert in the field and has assisted associations through the transition process. Our engineering reports are relied upon by the board (and legal counsel) to negotiate the correction of any construction defects identified during the Transition Study process. Yingst Engineers also has extensive litigation experience and our engineers have served as expert witnesses in construction-related legal disputes.

A Yingst Engineers & Associates’ Transition Study includes:

  • Initial meeting with Association representatives to obtain necessary background information regarding the community
  • Physical inspection of the common area assets to identify conditions that deviate from the design documents, applicable building codes and/or accepted construction industry standards
  • Obtain and/or review any relevant community documents and interview government officials
  • Engineering review of design documents, specifications and applicable codes
  • Narrative report summarizing the site findings with specific emphasis on construction defects

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